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Cox Trucking



The purpose of this report is to address, explore, review, and evaluate continual

employment concerns in the trucking industry that have been plaguing the industry for the last

decade (Richards, 2010). While the report focuses on Cox Trucking, this is an issue that affects

all companies in the industry. The shared goal of the trucking industry is to stop treating the

symptoms of high turnover and fight the disease of the when, why, and how this is happening.

The following report will consolidate the internal view of Cox Trucking and the trucking

industry as a whole, the research and deliverables of our external analysis, and additional

recommendations for moving forward.




Cox Trucking has expressed their concern of the high turnover rates. Explaining they

“used to be in the 20 – 30 % range, when the bigger carriers (full truckload) have always been

close to, or in the 100% range; some as even as high as 200 percent a year! We currently are fast

approaching the 50 percentile range” (Symposium Notes). This mean out of 80 truck drivers

Cox Trucking needs to hire 40 new hires every year.

To evaluate the company we reviewed the website, the document listed symposium notes,

and an email exchange between our professor. With this we created an internal SWOT Analysis

to see what Cox Trucking believes are its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.



Our team of seven spent the last month reaching out to trucking groups on social media,

in person interviews at truck stops, and phone calls to trucking schools. Cox Trucking provided a

list of former and current Cox Trucking employees. And the team created an online survey.

Below is the information we received from theses sources:


18-30: 16%

31-40: 25%

41-60: 41%

61-80: 16%

Average driver age: 46 years old.

How many years trucking:

1-10: 33%

11-20: 16%

21-30: 33%

31-40: 8%

41-50: 8%

Average years trucking: 20

How many trucking companies:

1-2: 33%

3-4: 41%

5-6: 25%

Average trucking companies: 3

What You Can Do Now:

Implement Exit strategies

Implement exit interviews. Asking why they are leaving and what Cox Trucking could

improve on. The survey showed that truckers that had left a trucking company would be

willing to go back if the company offered. We suggest that as jobs arise Cox Trucking

should keep in contact with the drivers after their exit interviews. And contact them in

tiers: within 3-6 months and 12- 15 months.

Update Swag

Cox Trucking prides itself in showing its brand and community. They give out company

merchandise to their truckers after a year and during community events. This is a great

way to keep employees feeling like part of a community. We suggest just updating the

swag every once and awhile to keep it feeling fresh.

Monthly team breakfast

Once a month have a team breakfast before majority of drivers leave for the day or week. embrace the feeling of a family.

hold trainings

Make announcements

Give aways

encouragement and praise’

What You Can Do Within 6 Months:

Online Communication

To reach the millennial generation, it is important to sell the brand and company lifestyle.

To look at Cox Trucking’s performance we looked at the website. The website proves to be easy

to use and shows a focus on selling to future truckers with the ability to apply easily.

1. Vibrant encompassing of company experience.

2. Bright contrasting Apply Now button with immediate option to communicate via phone.

Really speaks to both audiences demographics.

3. Readily available multimedia information.

4. Strong branding appearance.

Our recommendation is to get an instagram account and have the drivers upload pictures of their

daily viewings to dispel the negative stigma. If you implement hashtag marketing the account

should gain a nice following. To get this started Cox Trucking should look into getting a

Marketing intern. Students are always looking for an educational experience!

Veteran Hiring Program

We recommend looking at a more specific demographic than just Millennials. By starting a

veteran hiring program, Cox Trucking will reap benefits that come with hiring veterans as well

as portray an “America First” social business. The government offers tax breaks for companies

that hire veterans. One is called the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. It offers “incentives of up to

$5,600 for hiring unemployed veterans” (Lin, 2016). Veterans also hold many qualities that

would be perfect for trucking and some veterans even have truck driving experience.

What You Can Do Within 1 Year:


During the survey it became apparent that an overwhelming amount of drivers entered the

trucking industry due to financial distress. Therefore, we recommend that Cox hire a financial

advisor that can meet one-on-one with the employee’s upon request. Many drivers were of

retiring age and had been driving for 20 plus years without saving for retirement; illustrating a

lack of financial planning. We recommend that Cox Trucking look into partnering with a credit

repair company to help Cox employee’s with their debt. Adopting these practices will show the

employees that Cox cares about their well being.



Cox Trucking raised concerns over the high turnover rate facing the trucking industry.

The retiring Baby Boomers generation. The lack of interest amongst Millennials entering the

workforce, and what makes one company attractive over another one for job prospectors.

Through thorough analysis and numerous interviews, our team suggests: implementing benefits

that all generations can enjoy. Looking into a new demographic that meet requirements, and

honing in on marketing the company’s brand and lifestyle.