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Entrepreneurship and society

Fall 2013

How This Class Helped me

Entrepreneurship and society made me think a lot about how many companies that I look up to get started. How the people that started them made everything possible. This was extremely helpful at the time I took this class because it made me think about how I wanted my company organized. I was in the Process of buying out a partner and trying to upscale and create a brand behind myself. The leaders I had in this class were extremely valuable in helping me get through this hard time, I may have given up if I didn’t have them ground me and help push me forward. The two people that helped most were Mark Cook the teacher of ENTP 1010 and Al Landon who taught Profiles of leadership. They both came up to me on separate occasions just to see how I was doing and to let me know they cared and even though I was stressed, they reassured me I was doing a really cool thing. I don’t know if other people that take either of these classes will have the experience that I had from the professors, but it was truly a very impactful thing they did showing how much a teacher could care.

This has influenced change in how I do business. I care for my customers and employees. When people feel the love they are more understanding and willing to work harder. If everything is all about the money the relationship and drive behind work performance won’t last.