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Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Fall 2014

How this Class helped me

This Class has overall been the most helpful class in my entire roadmap. Kim Power Stilson goes above and beyond to help me in every way possible. She has put me into contact with dozens of CEO’s and helped me gain a relationship that I will keep  for a long long time.

On top of helping me get more connected she is amazing with marketing and words. Nearly the entire semester we kept working on a ten-word elevator pitch. True Gentleman Builds Bespoke Clothing Tailored to your style.  I still use this today. The entire class was really involved and we all work on existing companies.

She has helped me write press releases and even got me onto Sirius XM radio for 15 minutes. I thought I was good at marketing but Kim just has her own way with words. Because of me expressing my own marketing skills in this class I was asked to be on the marketing team for the ENTP Certificate at the University of Utah. Now My picture is used all across campus.

Kim Power Stilson

Since I have taken this class nearly three years ago. Kim has grown to be one of my greatest friends and mentors. She loved Entrepreneurship and she did everything she could do get me to be successful. There are to many lessons I have learned from her to even start naming them all. Many were business related others were developing me personally.

When I met kim she had Hashimoto’s disease, She eventually had overcome that but after about a year and a half of knowing her she was diagnosed with cancer. She is now no longer with us. She has left behind a beautiful family and legacy.  Kim was in the process of building a new network Really Cool Humans I became very involved with this towards the end of her life.

Because of Kims love and passion to help entrepreneurs of all kinds I plan to after graduating continue her legacy.  My door is always open to entrepreneurs and I will continue to help build the really cool humans network in her memory.

I don’t have an exact idea of what I plan to do but I am thinking of building a store front for True Gentleman and having a party for entrepreneurs twice a year celebrating Kims life.