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  • Week 1 The Problem with upwards communication within Business.

  • Week 2 Four Principles when choosing alternate Command Control

  • Week 3 PDCA

  • Week 4 Customer Service

  • Week 5 Principles of Good Customer Service

  • Week 6 Value Stream Maping

  • Week 7 Bowls

  • Week 8 Agility

  • Week 9 Kanban Basics

  • Week 10  Kanban in Action

  • Week 11 Working with Kanban

  • Week 12 Conflict

Top Down or transparent

Most companies within the U.S organize in vertical hierarchal design.

  • Communication and decision making flows from the top down
  • Upward communication becomes distorted or even discredited or forgotten.
  •  productionvproblems are translated into profitability at the top
  • Voices at the bottom of the food chain are not heard at the top; voices from the top are just noise at the bottom

There are 4 principles to follow when choosing to alternated from command and control:

  • Psychologically well work site
  • Committed, empowered and accountable associates
  • The incremental practice of continual improvement
  • Outward facing with products/services of value coupled with superior customer service

Plan, Do Check and act was introduced in this lecture  and was shown to help solve internal problems. PDCA

​I enjoyed this lecture because I enjoy coming up with solutions to other peoples problems. however i have never been a planner in my life. I always acted preperation. 

This was helpful to me because it outlines if you plan you can stay on a better budget and execute better. by planning and checking you can test to see if something works before dumping tons of money into the project.

Customer Service Communication Strategies:

  • Connect
  • Define problem
  • Provide resolution
  • Enhance reputation
  • Alert to opportunities
  • Feedback

Principles of Good Customer Service:

  • Starts at the top
  • Based on continuous feedback
  • Customer centric
  • Reliable information and training throughout
  • Consistency

In this class we learned about Value Stream Mapping (VSM). To utilize VSM is to streamline processes and have constant Plans of Action.

This is something that I will have to look into more as I don’t quite understand the process of creating such an organized flow. I recently had to create a marketing strategy and remembered the plan of action. I was able to utilize this concept in my strategy and it went over quite well.

professor Jim  Anderson gave our class personal examples of his wooden bowl hobbies.  This lecture was useful because the whole class engaged and asked lots of questions because they could see how simply you can apply the lesson to anything. Because of the simplicity and everyone asking questions Value stream Mapping seamed to be much better understood than through our other lectures.

This made me think about my own operation with business ventures and how i can use VSM to be more efficient.

I offered Jim a Tree that he came and cut down. now i get an awesome cherry wood bowl when he is finished with it.

In order to achieve “agility” one must recognize when it is appropriate to make a change. I like to call this a Pivot. In business Pivots are necessary.  Organizations that practice pivoting, evolve with innovation through horizontal lines of communication.

A management team that is agile, effectively empowers their team through continual progression towards a shared vision.


Characteristics of workers who are agile:

  • Highly personable
  • Technologically competent
  • Offer multiple skills that promote agility.

The basics of KanBan:

• Visual representation of work in progress

• Applied to high level routines

• Captures each high level step (process) in that routine

• Consists of Backlog, Steps—each divided into In Progress and Done
columns—and Completed, which can also be divided into OTD and Waiting Escalation.

Toward the end of the semester we focused on KanBan. The point that we wanted to drive home is that the main purpose is to reduce work in progress (WIP).

After familiarizing myself with kanban to manage this class I realized I had already built my own custom version of Kanban for my business. This is what i used to manage my time in and outside of this class. If something takes less than 5 minutes that comes up you do it right away. if it will take longer then you add it to the projects list.

Kanban is useful to me in my life an business because when you document how a job should be done essentially you should be able to turn the job over to anyone and they will know exactly what is expected of them.

Conflict is universal, and occurs in personal and professional settings.

Resolvable conflict has four conditions:

  • The foundation can be economic, political, ideological or empirical.
  • The subject matter has boundaries that can be identified and the topic is equally understood by both parties.
  • Alternatives promote flexibility, illustrated by choosing a different course of action if necessary.
  • Time Frame :
  1. Short time resolution/long time failure
  2. Long time resolution/short time failure
  3. Nothing lasts forever

There are four common forms of resolution:

  1. Rational model
  2. negotiation model
  3. Power model
  4. Avoidance model