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My story

How I changed buying a suit from going to Nordstrom into a luxury experience.

How it Started

After Struggling through many years of schooling that I wasn’t all that interested in I found I had a love for business. I enjoyed solving problems and making others happy. I had started several projects with friends, I knew I didn’t want to work for someone so I started thinking about things I liked. Construction, Architecture, Surfing, and camping. Then one day while shopping a light bulb clicked.

In the process of buying a custom suit for myself I found that there really weren’t to many great options out there.  Here are some of the frustrations I ran into.

  • poor fitting suits
  • terrible quality of fabrics and construction
  • Good quality was to expensive for me at the time.
  • Pretentious salesmen
  • Boring fabric selection
  • not enough customizations
  • terrible marketing

My Aha Moment

I thought to myself there has got to be a better way to get a great suit without having a salesman telling me how a suit is supposed to be styled and worn. After all if I was flipping the bill I should be the one deciding especially if I was ordering a custom suit.

I knew I could market a fun looking suit in a way I had never seen before and I knew others like me would like it to. So I got to work.

After contacting everyone I had ever known who had a custom suit made I finally found a factory that would make me a good quality suit for me to sell to friends and family.

Turns out more and more people wanted what I was making so created brand overnight and started blasting suits of me skateboarding and biking in suits on Instagram.  To me life isn’t worth living if you can’t have fun. So I made sure that having fun and expressing your own style was weaved through every thread of my business.

I wanted to get a degree even after I started my business so I took these classes to make sure my time spent at the U of U wouldn’t be waisted. I Focused on three main categories that could help me fill in the gaps on things I needed to learn more about.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business
  • communications

Impact Engagements

I had never started a successful business and the problems I was running into I wasn’t learning in a class room. So I sought out mentorship and set very specific goals.

  • Start a legal registered business
  • Build a website View here
  • Expand and build a team
  • Create systems and process

Business exploded and I barely even had time to finish school. In my first two years of business I made plenty of mistakes and probably pissed a lot of people off. I never quit even though I wanted to many times. I made right by any mistakes I had made and learned from them. I paid off $90,000 of debt that had accumulated by the end of my third year in business.

I can honestly say today that True Gentleman builds some of the highest quality suits in the western United States. Although we are continually changing and improving the brand, we do it to provide a better shopping experience for our current and future clients. With the hopes of a long lasting relationship so we can continue to improve peoples lives one suit at a time.

  • Salt Lake City, Utah / Newport Beach, California / Beverly Hills, California / Scottsdale, Arizona

our team.

Brian Logan True Gentleman

Brian Logan


Kailee Wright

Social Media
Lassonde University of Utah Entrepreneur

Trapper Roderick

Barclay burns Utah

Dr. Barclay Burns

Mentor / Professor

Sam Williams

Haberdasher / stylist / Partner
Mckay Anderson Utah Utes

Mckay Anderson