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Social media

overall True Gentleman from a social media stand point has an impressive following for their industry. The overall images and offers could be themed better to not appear so random. This would also help to appeal to older generations.

The social media following gives validation that this is a good company.

Social media

overall appearance could be streamlined to appeal to all audiences.


True Gentleman has mostly high star ratings from customers. They are praised for a good experience and high quality along with an extremely good fit.

The negatives are all service based. I can see that all of these negative comments are old meaning that they must have listened to their complaints and fixed the issue.

Google Web Presence

True Gentleman has a poor google ranking although they do show up on google maps that is because of their good reviews. Atlas they are able to be found when typing in True Gentleman on google.

Spending some money to ensure that they are the number one ranking would be worth the low cost investment.


After Reviewing all information i have found online for True Gentleman. I found that the second they started to take accountability for there wrong doing the better reviews they received.


When Reviewing True Gentleman social media and online reviews. I never found anything wrong with there product. All complaints were service based. There needs to be a better processes for everything. From start to finish how they acquire a customer to how each customer is managed and their product is delivered.

This process needs to be in place so anyone within the company can handle a client not just Trapper or Sam.

I have applied my learnings and finding from this review to be helpful to manage employees in a more efficient manner. Including using different managing styles that is more transparent.  This allows for a better work flow and for anyone to be able to pick up and fill in on a job where someone else left off.



By using systems similar to bonbon everything is documented and easy to follow directions on processes.


The largest issue I have found is that I spend nearly 20 plus hours a week in the car. This is all waisted time. I could be planning events making sales calls etc. This has caused me to investigate the possibilities of opening a store front for True Gentleman. Although there will be more overhead than normal my findings assume it will pay for itself.